Hillary Clinton’s people are hot on the story that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee’s email because they want Donald Trump to win the presidency. Pretty bizarre, but given Hillary’s plea of total ignorance of email security, it actually could be the Russians.

Or in her case, it could be Iran, China, North Korea, Libya or various Islamic terrorist organizations. Of course, we also should consider any “friendly” nations who just enjoy reading and might find her emails entertaining.

Obviously, the list of people and entities now in possession of Hillary documents, formerly known as U.S. top secret communications, could be quite long. In fact it is too long to attempt to compile.

I would suggest, instead, we simply compile a list of all local, state, national, international and perhaps inter-planetary entities who we are pretty sure have not hacked Hillary’s email servers.

This would not be such a long list, quite short, in fact, and would save everyone a lot of time and effort.

Terry W. Ryan

Captiva Row