Brian Hicks is right to decry the heartlessness so evident after Orlando. A Georgia congressman opened a meeting by saying that homosexuals are worthy of death. Pastors openly rejoiced over the Orlando slaughter. A corrupt and contemptible Congress refused to do anything to stop the epidemic of gun violence. And Rich Lowry smugly dismissed any efforts to stop gun violence as folly.

If that is true, then nuclear nonproliferation is absolute folly. If more guns will make Americans safer, then the unrestricted free flow of nuclear weapons will make world peace spring forth like streams in the desert.

A North Korea armed with reliable and powerful nukes will make South Korea and Japan feel safe and secure.

A nuclear-armed triad of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State, aided by West Bank Palestinians well supplied with assault weapons, sniper rifles and suitcase nukes, will guarantee everlasting peace and prosperity for Israel. You can bet on it, Mr. Lowry.


Russell Drive

Mount Pleasant