A recent letter writer pointed out that strict gun controls do not prevent massacres in several countries — Belgium, France and Germany.

Well, he’s right. Strict gun controls did not completely prevent massacres and no one thinks they can be prevented completely.

However, gun controls will and do lessen gun violence and gun massacres.

In those countries he mentioned, Belgium has 83 percent fewer gun deaths than we do in the United States. France has 73 percent fewer gun deaths than us, and Germany has a whopping 90 percent fewer gun deaths.

The undeniable fact is that strict gun controls do reduce gun deaths.

We are quickly becoming the murder capital of the world and we need to impose reasonable limits on guns to reduce our gun deaths. We can’t eliminate them completely but we must do better than we are now.

So let’s reject the lies promoted by the National Rifle Association, whose only real purpose is to promote gun sales to everyone no matter what.

Wayne Salkeld

Cross Timbers Drive

Mount Pleasant