Everyone in Charleston was horrified to hear about the sanitation worker who was killed in a freak accident last week. In reading the article in the July 9 Post and Courier I realized that this man was not an employee of the city, but a “contract worker.”

A blue-collar job with the City of Charleston should be a path to self-sufficiency. Instead it sounds like we are outsourcing jobs to save money, and in the process, abdicating the responsibility of making sure that the people who do the most basic services for residents get the appropriate training.

I understand the value of balancing a budget, but I am very uncomfortable with the idea that to save me a few tax dollars the city cuts dollars for salary and benefits for people who need it the most.

When other cities in the country are leading the way by offering their employees a living wage why is the best city in the world cutting corners?

Lorrie McCurdy

Harbor Creek Place