With all the controversy about flags that are conceived as being Confederate flags, I would like to point out that the Confederate States did not sail the ships that brought slaves from Africa.

The ships that went to Africa sailed under the flag of the United States of America.

Are we going to remove the American flag from all flagpoles because of this?

If not, then the Confederate flags should be left alone.

Very few Southerners — about 1 percent — owned slaves, but all white Southerners seem to be tarred with the same brush. My grandparents were tenant farmers who worked and fought side by side with free blacks.

A song from “South Pacific” that means a lot me says, “You have to be taught to hate.”

Charleston has shown it has a lot of love to share, but still some people are looking for racial slurs anywhere they can find them.

Elaine S. Jackson

Thornlee Drive

North Charleston

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