This is in response to the letter of June 26 titled “VA waste.”

I am a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran. The emergency room at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center has always done fine by me, particularly when I was diagnosed with Agent Orange-caused lung cancer this past February.

I spent seven hours there that day, and the staff was outstanding.

Subsequent care has been timely, and I applaud all those involved, including the emergency room staff.

The letter writer might have been there on an extremely busy day. That happens. Triage determines priority, based upon severity of each case.

If I have a complaint about the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, it is one about which I’m sure the vast majority of local veterans agree, and that is the lack of parking spaces. Hopefully, this will be somewhat alleviated by the new parking ramp due to open early next year.

Arthur H. Hahn

Seiberling Road

North Charleston