As I watched the Democratic convention, it appeared that our great country is headed straight to socialism. The Democrats want to take money from people who have become successful and pass it on to others for “free” government programs.

But other people’s money will eventually run out and this country will eventually be destroyed. If this country keeps draining money from the people who provide jobs, there will be no businesses to provide jobs. Have you ever worked for a poor person?

We have created generations who live on the government. It makes me sick to hear politicians tell the citizens of this country about all the new giveaway programs they will provide. Just vote for me and I will keep the free goodies coming. When one needs a helping hand to get on his feet, it should be given, but not forever.

Please fight this socialism and don’t let this country die. Remember Rome? Oh, I forgot. I don’t think history is being taught anymore. We wouldn’t want our young folks to be told the truth. I’m a 69-year-old middle class person. Thank God I won’t live long enough to see this country fall.

Sound a little extreme? They thought the same thing in Rome.

L.O. Segrest

Whispering Marsh Drive