I hope many of you are finally understanding where the United States is going and where we may end up if nothing changes.

After the Nice, France, terrorist attack Hillary’s response was, “We need to work with our allies. Build a stronger union.” Obama, “We will stand with our ally.” The jihadist ISIS terrorists movement has been going on for many years. How does “work with our allies” and “standing with our ally” do anything? The enemy continues to see that we will do nothing.

Nothing has been done for years and nothing is planned under our current leadership. These attacks are happening with greater frequency, and getting larger and more devastating. What will we do?

Let’s take away guns so we can’t defend ourselves? Let’s discuss it with our allies? Let’s move the terrorists housed in Guantanamo Bay? These suggestions should fix the problem? No, it puts us at greater risk every day.

I am worried for my family’s safety, my safety and the future of the United States. We had better focus on the real problem now. Empires have not lasted much longer than 250 years. The United States of America? We are sitting at the ripe old age of 240 years and deep in the midst of the age of decadence — the final stage of an empire that is marked by defensiveness, pessimism, frivolity, racism, internal fighting and the welfare state.

The Islamic terrorist groups could be the catalyst to make this finally happen. Think long and hard when you vote this year.

Brad Stevenson

Revolution Drive

Mount Pleasant