South Carolina Electric & Gas has paid contractors for the last few years to butcher trees on James Island and Folly Road under the guise that it would end disruption of service from tree limbs breaking power lines.

In the last month alone we have been without power three times due to a tree disrupting service — once for 12 hours, once for five hours and once for four hours.

I fail to see the need to cut trees in the horrible manner that was done if doing so provides no protection for our service.

The oak tree in my front yard looks like a novice cut it, and the supervisor said he thought they did a good job.

They cut the limbs so much as to weaken the tree on the sides that have foliage. Guess where that goes when a storm comes up? Right on the wires or onto someone’s roof, for which SCE&G accepts no responsibility.

While we cannot control the weather, we should be able to insist our trees aren’t butchered. I was told flat out that I do not own the property that they cut over.

Funny, I have never seen them cut the grass in that area.

Sandi Engelman

Julia Street