The Washington Post article written by Jennifer Rubin tries to place the blame on Republicans for the politics surrounding Benghazi and, in the process let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her misleading behavior during an episode that the Secretary of State should have been honest and straightforward about.

For example, here is a direct quote: “The newest revelation actually suggests Clinton was unaware of how serious the security situation was. (Otherwise, why go?)”

That the Secretary of State, who claims so much experience, could not know about the crisis is incredible. And a recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal pointed out in extensive detail how there was no action to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens despite months of requests for additional security. For the candidate to come clean on Benghazi she should first start out with an apology to the mother of one of the victims to whom she lied about what happened, blaming a video for his death when she knew better.

More importantly she owes all Americans an explanation of why she lied.

Thomas E. Nugent

Tradd Street