After seeing the tragedies happening in this country I have come to the conclusion that our biggest problem seems to be a lack of proper conduct.

Police are trained to handle situations as safely as possible and concealed weapons courses include proper conduct training. But the average person doesn’t seem to understand what proper conduct is when approached by a police officer.

The officer needs to see your hands at all times. He needs to know where you are reaching and for what. Never run from the officer. Always comply with the officer’s instructions. If you do not follow these basic rules of conduct, you are almost always going to be at fault for the consequences that follow.

Perhaps our school children should be given a yearly safety course so that by the time they are out of school there should be no question how to protect themselves from harm in the event of a police stop.

They could also learn how to perform CPR, balance a checkbook, buy a house, prepare for hurricanes, deal with power outages and safely deep fry a turkey.

The police are there for the public’s safety. If they are in a neighborhood in force there is an appropriate reason — such as high crime.

If we all learn to respect the job these police officers are doing and how to react we all will be safer. I’m not saying there won’t be mistakes — we are all human — but we have to take responsibility for our mistakes as well.

Take the time to thank an officer.

If an officer is behind you in line, buy him lunch. That act could change a whole day, or life, for someone.

Debbie Sueverkruepp

Piccadilly Circle