The staff and volunteers at The Powder Magazine always enjoy the Head-2-Head trivia challenge on Thursdays, especially when history is the subject. However, this also means there will be added scrutiny.

For instance, the July 14 Head-2-Head had two serious historic errors. Question number two is confusing on several different levels. An earlier use of the term “Grand Modell” refers to a plan for the development and governance of the colony, not the town.

John Locke and Ashley Cooper worked on this together. Today, the term “Grand Modell” refers to the development of Charles Town on the peninsula. Locke had nothing to do with this. John Culpepper and Maurice Matthews, surveyors general of the province, were directed to lay out a town on the peninsula.

Question number three: most of the members of the first expedition were Englishmen. Additional settlers joined the expedition in Barbados. The only Bermudan connection was the first governor, William Sayle. Just so you know somebody’s reading.

John Young

Assistant director

The Powder Magazine

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