Among all the things to consider, discuss and even debate in our current political environment, one of the most troubling of these is the seeming loss of civility in so much of our public discourse.

We see it not only in the speech of too many of our politicians and political candidates, but also in the writings of too many letters to the editor.

We have many challenges to attend to in our country, a great many of which cry out for urgent attention. Solutions to these challenges, however, are unlikely to emerge when too many of us become so polarized and insular in our political ideology that when we speak of others who hold a differing point of view, we do so in a way that is both offensive and uncivil.

Of all that we as citizens can disagree about, surely we can all agree on at least one thing: If we are ever to effectively address our country’s problems, we will need to come together and work together as a country. The fundamental tools we will need are mutual respect, tolerance, compromise, and by all means, civility.

Should you agree, please keep it in mind the next time you write a letter to the editor.

David Brown

Creek Landing Street