The police shooting in Dallas is, indeed, a tragedy. Among other things it has spawned “solutions,” many of which could only divide us, rather than help solve the real problem.

We lived in New Orleans in the late 1970s. There were areas there where police and firemen went only reluctantly during the day and not at all at night because they were targeted and shot, and fire engines and police cars burned. We seem to be very slow to learn lessons and address problems; perhaps we are not starting in the right place.

Our state and national legislators should recognize that taxes are required to adequately train and pay police and firefighters; to properly fund schools so that all can get a quality education leading to employment paying a living wage; and to build more areas for recreation in low-income areas.

The recent loss of Sterrett Hall, with no replacement for its arts programs, is an example of an opportunity lost.

We must ask what things are being done in low-income areas to show that we believe all lives really matter.

Jane Sharpe

Joe Sharpe

Kestrel Trail