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Lady Liberte

Bastille Day Cocktail: Lady Liberte

Lady Liberte is a twist on the French 75 cocktail, featuring muddled blueberries, fresh basil, Charleston Distilling Co. Jasper Gin, Lillet Blanc, and housemade lemongrass.

The cocktail is shaken, strained and finished with a splash of bubbly and a red flower bloom.

With the blue hue provided by the berries and the fresh red flower garnish, the red, almost white and blue colors of the French flag are celebrated in this spirit.

Fish Restaurant has become the “it” spot to celebrate La Fete Nationale, also known as Bastille Day, France's equivalent of the Fourth of July. Celebrated on July 14, it commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison and the beginning of the Republic of France.

Lillet Blanc, made from grapes from the Bordeaux region of France, macerated in fruit liqueurs, brings a touch of France to the cocktail.

Local Jasper Gin, with its seven botanicals in the mash, pairs well with local blueberries, providing the hue of the tricolor (France's flag of red, white and blue) and offering herbal notes to this refreshing summer cocktail. The red bloom of a seasonal flower salutes the colors of liberty, equality and fraternity.

Fish Restaurant

442 King Street


Bastille Day. July 14


Iouli Burroughs is a master of balanced cocktails and his Lady Liberte demonstrates that with the herbal notes of gin balanced by the fruit of the blueberries. Lemon-grass-honey syrup sweetens with hints of tartness and ginger provides both depth and zing.

Deidre Schipani