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Charleston Brick cocktail at the Restoration Hotel.

The Charleston Brick

The Charleston Brick is a seasonal cocktail recently launched at The Watch, the restaurant for the Restoration Hotel.

The drink is the love child of watermelon agua fresca and a margarita.

In keeping with hotel’s slogan “re-creating history,” the bar menu was reimagined with a sense of Charleston’s past, and the ingredients and spirits that represent its Southern location.

Enter the Bradford watermelon, bred by Nathaniel Napoleon Bradford in Sumter in the 19th century.

A melon of superior sweetness and unparalleled flavor, it had issues with transportability and plant disease that removed it from commercial enterprises.

Today the Bradford family is working to bring this heirloom melon back to the table.

With a backstory of the history of melons in South Carolina as inspiration, Rob DeLeo, food and beverage manager at The Watch, incorporated watermelon juice into the recipe for the Charleston Brick cocktail.


The Watch in The Restoration Hotel

75 Wentworth St.

This cocktail delivers a cooling jolt of heat via the Casamigos Blanco Tequila that is infused with Fresno chile. The watermelon juice moderates the spice and the egg white (a common ingredient in fizzes and sours) bring froth and foam to the drink.

Finished with a fresh slice of lime and a glass rimmed with coarse salt, this drink cools and refreshes as it ratchets up the heat on your tongue.

Deidre Schipani