Halls sous chef succeeds Forrest Parker at Old Village Post House

While portioning mahi mahi in the Old Village Post House kitchen, chef Forrest Parker gives pointers to Andrew Prine, line cook at the Mount Pleasant restaurant. Line cook Curtis Murphy (background) also preps for Tuesday's dinner. Wade Spees/Staff June 17, 2014.

The Hall Management Group’s efforts to put its stamp on the restaurants previously owned by Maverick Southern Kitchen intensified this week with the appointment of Halls Chophouse sous chef Robyn Guisto as executive chef of Old Village Post House.

Guisto succeeds Forrest Parker, whose commitment to showcasing South Carolina products led to his appointment this year as an S.C. Chef Ambassador. Parker, who got his start cooking under Louis Osteen, in 2011 accepted the executive chef position at the Old Village Post House.

Parker says he’s now looking for a job that won’t force him to compromise his Chef Ambassador obligations. Beyond his statewide duties, Parker is an unofficial partner in the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation, which often entrusts the first viable examples of heirloom crops to his culinary care. At Old Village Post House, he was the guiding force behind various dinners celebrating overlooked Lowcountry ingredients.

Earlier this month, Frank Lee bequeathed his executive chef title at Slightly North of Broad to longtime chef Russ Moore.

A press release quotes Guisto, who joined Halls in 2013, as saying, “Utilizing Charleston’s bounty of fresh, local seafood and our signature Allen Brothers steaks, I am elated by the opportunity to provide diners with delicious cuisine using my own homegrown creativity.”

According to one local farmer -- who in the wake of the Tampa Bay Tribune’s ingredient sourcing expose, at The Post and Courier’s request, reviewed menus and websites on which the farmer is listed as a friend -- SNOB “bought more when Maverick Group and very occasionally now.” At the time, Old Village Post House didn’t publicly advertise any local purveyors.

Bill Hall, owner of Hall Management Group, is quoted in the release as saying, “We are confident (Guisto) will ensure our Mount Pleasant jewel box will continue to thrive.”