Forked path Solving readers’ dining-out dilemmas Tailing shrimp in Charleston

Pickled shrimp dish at Edmund’s Oast. 

Q: I’m staying downtown and looking for casual and shrimp. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A: Sure! I’d suggest a shrimp tour, starting with the butter bean salad at Monza. It only costs $2 to add shrimp to the mix, and the restaurant thinks so highly of the resulting dish that its photo occupies Monza’s homepage.

Heading up King Street, you’ll next hit The Darling, where saucy barbecue shrimp share a bowl with Anson Mills rice cakes.

Turn left on Morris Street to reach Dave’s Carry-Out, source of the peninsula’s best fried shrimp, before looping back to King Street via Cannon Street.

Stop at The Grocery for roasted shrimp, which bends toward the Mediterranean with preserved lemon and green olives.

From there, it’s a two-mile trip to Edmund’s Oast: If you’re walking, consider stopping at Leon’s to refuel with peel-and-eat shrimp.

But don’t forget that pickled shrimp, the perfect capstone to a crustacean chase, lies ahead. (Total cost: $71. Total calories burned: 220)

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