Daily digest What one local ate over the course of a day


Warren Johnson lives in North Charleston.

I had overnight oatmeal, because I make that every day for breakfast. So basically I put oatmeal, milk, vanilla, a little bit of yogurt in to thicken it up, some salt and a little bit of cinnamon, and I just soak it overnight.

Then I just take it with me in the morning.

And then for lunch, well, I eat constantly throughout the day. So I had an apple, I had a banana, I had some almonds, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and applesauce. I believe that’s it. The peanut butter and jelly was lunch and everything else was sort of thrown in between, like a little bit in the afternoon and a little bit in the morning.

For dinner, I went to Texas Roadhouse. Ate a whole bunch of rolls, ate a whole bunch of tater skins, didn’t even touch my burger. And that was it.

as told to Hanna Raskin