BevCon invites drinking public to forage session, rum cruise

(Tyrone Walker/Staff)

For $40, you could buy two cocktails from McCrady’s exceptionally talented bartender Bethany Kocak (assuming you left a decent tip and didn’t shirk your tax-paying obligation.) Or you could spend two hours in the company of food writers Matt and Ted Lee, collecting wild plants for Kocak to transform into boozy homegrown drinks.

The latter is a one-shot deal, organized in conjunction with BevCon Charleston, an upcoming conference for beverage professionals. While the bulk of the August event is restricted to industry members, everyone’s invited to partake of planned bar takeovers – including Columbia Room’s one-night residency at Mash and The Kimball House’s temporary occupation of The Gin Joint – and excursions.

(Full disclosure: I’m a member of the conference advisory committee and scheduled to speak on a pair of BevCon panels covering media matters.)

In addition to the foraging workshop, the excursions include a a six-hour dive into the craft beer business, billed as “an extremely hands-on experience, complete with noise, hard floors and chances to get dirty.” There’s also a rum cruise hosted by drinks historians Robert Moss and Wayne Curtis.

Because every session includes a drinking component, registrants must have reached their 21st birthday prior to excursion day, Aug. 21. For more information, visit