Khalifa raises his style game

Wiz Khalifa is pictured in New York in May. The rapper, who has a new album scheduled for release this fall and a tour with Snoop Dogg, also is a burgeoning style star.

With a new album scheduled for release this fall and a tour with Snoop Dogg kicking off July 20, Wiz Khalifa has a lot going on.

The heavily tattooed rapper, who was raised in Pittsburgh and lives in Los Angeles, is also a burgeoning style star. A year and a half ago, he started working with stylist Lauren Matos to update his look into something more tailored and mature.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

I’ve been wearing this black bomber a lot. This is actually a custom jacket that my stylist, Lauren, got sent to me.

As soon as I got with Lauren, she really put me onto the tailoring game and how to up my closet.

We get a lot of stuff custom-made. I’m really skinny, so a lot of pieces, unless they’re from certain designers, they’re not built for my body.

Like this T-shirt I have on, it’s custom and even has my own tag in it.

You can always catch me in a pair of Saint Laurent jeans. It’s more than a trendy thing for me.

I’m not wearing them just to the club. I’m wearing them as regular jeans because of how they fit and how they look. They’re long enough and they’re skinny enough. They’re hard to get out of, though. It’s the small ankle.

I don’t want them to change it. It just comes with the game. The black ones right now are my favorite, but I love white, too. I like to wear all white: white shirt, white hat, white jeans. It just looks awesome. I look like a little scoop of ice cream.

My favorite shoe right now is the Gucci loafer. I’ve got the slide style and the full loafer.

I have brown, black and the ones with the fur on them, too.

I’ve been wearing the all-around loafers more, but in LA, I can wear whatever, because at nighttime it gets a little chilly, so I can wear the fur joints.

This is a gold Pittsburgh ring I got made. Being that I’m from the ’Burgh and a Steelers fan, I always rep Pittsburgh with black-and-yellow jewelry.

I’m wearing a vintage gold Rolex. I’ve been through that whole Rolex phase.

I’m also wearing a gold ring that had an anchor on it, but it fell off because I was partying too hard. I bought it in Dubai along with this gold bracelet.

I have a favorite style: I call them my party shirts. Nice button-ups, real silky, with crazy prints. I get them from all over.

This look also started a year and a half ago when I met Lauren. Before, I was more into streetwear, like a lot of Supreme and Palace when it was first dropping.

Lauren really put me onto more high-end designers who can still get that streetwear look.

I don’t want to look like a mannequin. I feel like when people start getting money, they start dressing weird. But I also want to graduate my style. I’m 28 years old, so you can’t dress like no little kid anymore.