“Two Drifters,” released in May by the independent publisher Moonshine Cove Publishing, tells the story of Dr. Declan Murphy, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Charleston. The novel begins with Murphy, back at work at MUSC, struggling to recover from the death of his wife Helene.

“Two Drifters” is by Roger Newman, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at MUSC. He has worked in Charleston as a doctor for more than 30 years. Lately, he’s been writing fiction.

“The goal of my writing is to translate 30 years of obstetrical experience and my knowledge of maternal and fetal medicine into exciting medical thrillers,” he said.

The novel is available in print for $13.99 and as an ebook for $4.99 from online retailers. “Two Drifters” is a sequel to “Occam’s Razor,” published in July 2014.

Ann Carpenter has published a mystery novel, “Pluff Mud Murders,” whose story is set in Charleston. The novel is $14.95 and available in paperback.

It tells the story of Riley Jordan, who has come home to Charleston to run a health magazine. Soon suppressed memories of a traumatic past break free and Riley is embroiled in the evil schemings of the Radisson family.

Carpenter, the author of four books, lives in Atlanta.

Adam Parker