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Uneven job density in Palmetto State


Historic records provide clues for future storms

Using ship logs, plantation diaries and other historical sources, scientists hope to learn more about previous storms to create a more accurate picture of how climate change will alter hurricanes and tropical storms in the future. Read more

Airplane producer under further scrutiny

Local news

Stay up-to-date on which 2020 presidential candidates are visiting the Palmetto state with The Post and Courier's tracker. Continually updated as candidates campaign in South Carolina in the months leading up to the state’s February 2020 primary. Read more

Latest posts in sports

Three turns, 35 miles, 45 minutes. That’s all it takes to get from the park in Florence where Zion Williamson honed the basketball skills that would make him a sensation, to the gym in Sumter where Ja Morant became a star. And Thursday night, it’s likely to mark the extremely narrow distance between the South Carolina towns producing the top two picks in the NBA draft. Read more