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Medical companies have introduced dozens of new skin substitutes for people suffering with chronic wounds. Some health care experts say skin substitutes speed healing, while others say evidence of their cost-effectiveness is lacking. One thing is clear: They can be expensive, as a retiree from Daniel Island discovered after he skinned his shin. Read moreHow a skin substitute made of pig placentas led to a $101K Medicare charge for SC retiree


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There are certain moments avid outdoorsmen want to experience again and again. It might be the explosive strike of a largemouth bass hitting a topwater plug, a hooked blue marlin dancing atop the waves, or a white-tailed deer with massive antlers walking into view.

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One of the most common questions in landscaping and gardening is what good soil is and where to buy it. But this is one of those questions that can be misleading as there may be plenty of products labeled as good soil but, in reality, the product purchased at the store is essentially the starting material, not the final product. This is because good soil is not bought but grown and cultivated.

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