Floral 411 for the Big Day

Leading up to their big day, couples have lots to worry about before they finally get to walk down the aisle as man and wife. The trials and tribulations of planning a wedding is no small task, as even the most minor details must be accounted for.

Such is the case with the floral arrangements. Though not a minor detail in any way, preparing a wedding day floral arrangement does have its minor details, particularly when it comes to the more individual aspects of a floral plan. For instance, the following components must be considered when devising a floral plan.

* The bridal bouquet. It's tradition for bridal bouquets to contain white or cream-colored flowers such as stephanotis, roses, orchids, or lilies. Many bridal bouquets also include fillers like baby's breath as well as some green or ivy, as well as ribbons or additonal accessories.

* Bouquets for attendants. Attendants' bouquets should be identical, and it's best to coordinate these bouquets with the attendants' gowns. Only the maid of honor traditionally receives a slighlty different bouquet, as it's customary to give her one apart from the rest, though not significantly so.

* Boutonnieres for groomsmen and ushers. The guy's side of the wedding also needs to take part in the floral plan. Worn in a buttonhole or lapel, a boutonniere should be worn on the left lapel and match a flower from the bridesmaids' bouquet. The groom should also wear a boutonniere, though his should match a flower from the bride's bouquet. When wearing boutonnieres, men should not wear additional accessories such as pocket squares.

* Flowers for special guests. Certain special guests, such as grandmothers and mothers, should receive corsages. While the corsages do not need to be identical, they should match the bridesmaids' bouquets. It's best to consult with a florist for a corsage color that matches all dresses, as typically the corsages must be ordered before the bride and groom know what their mothers, grandmothers and other special guests will be wearing. A corsage that goes with anything, therefore, is ideal.

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