Discussing and Solving Debt with Your New Spouse

To be sure, gazing deep into the eyes of your future spouse and talking about the outstanding debts being brought into the marriage isn't very romantic. So it's no surprise that the topic isn't high on the list of priorities when making wedding plans. However, it makes good sense -- and good cents -- for couples to sit down and make a plan for managing their finances and any existing debts long before the ink is dry on the wedding invitations.
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Money Merging Strategies for Young Couples

Among the many decisions newlyweds must make, deciding how to combine their incomes and share financial decision-making is at the forefront. Even in single-income households, individual assets and debts are typically merged, requiring couples to work together to determine their financial future. Here are some strategies for a successful money merger.

* Honesty is the best policy. Along with trust and honesty, open communication about finances is important in building a strong marriage.
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Brides - Changing to Your Married Name

After a bride says "I do" to a life with her new husband, she often says "I do" to a new last name. Whether she takes the name as a loving gesture, to make it more convenient when having kids, or simply to rid herself of an unappealing maiden name, changing her surname will require some steps to ensure the legality of a change in identity.
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Romancing the Kitchen

Often called the heart of the home, the kitchen can be filled with romance for newlyweds eager to explore and discover the multi-sensory delights of whipping up meals together. Spending time in the kitchen to entertain friends and family can also cast a seductive spell on couples as they bond over making guests feel welcomed. In fact, love is easy to detect -- along with the appealing smell of delicious food -- when couples partake in the act of cooking and baking. Here are a few simple tips to romancing the kitchen, including suggestions for essential culinary tools and equipment to enhance the experience, and ways to ensure that cooking with your mate is collaborative and pleasurable.
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