Modern Confections Enhance Weddings

Tradition states that wedding cakes are to be tiered masterpieces featuring white cake and white frosting. However, today's modern couples are going in decidedly different directions with their wedding cakes. Often the dessert is as varied and unique as the couple themselves.

Wedding cakes can be created to match couples' individual styles and tastes, as well as the color scheme of the wedding. Shapes and sizes can be mixed and matched depending upon what the bride and groom envision. Working closely with a skilled cake artist can yield a truly exceptional confection.

Here are some ideas for embellishing wedding cakes and making them mirror the personality of the wedding.

* Consider a different shape other than standard round or square tiers. How about something that ties into your theme, such as a seashell or a sandcastle for a beachside wedding?

* There are many decorating styles available and you may not have to go with the traditional buttercream icing. Rolled fondant can be cut and shaped into a variety of embellishments. Talk with the cake designer about his or her specialties in cake design, and ask to see a look-book of past cakes created. Be sure the person whose work you are reviewing will be the actual person doing your cake.

* Consider matching the flowers in bouquets and table settings on the cake. Skilled decorators can create sugar or piped flowers that rival the look of the real thing.

* Base the cake on the style of the bride's wedding gown. A cake artist may be able to mimic the look of lace, beading, appliques and more. A photo of the gown may be all the inspiration the professional needs.

* Who says you need to have vanilla? Today's cakes come in so many flavors, including chocolate fudge, banana, carrot, caramel, pumpkin, and so many more. Ask about the cake flavors and filling offerings. Can't decide? Find out if you can have multiple flavors, where each tier is a different option.

* Save your appetite. Consider skipping the extensive dessert bar so guests can truly savor your cake.

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