Responsibilities of the Wedding Party

As weddings have become less regimented and more expensive, the traditional bridal party is often pared down to a best man and a bridesmaid or two. Their roles, however, have remained constant through the years.

Whether the wedding you've got in mind is large or small, formal or casual, conventional or original, it's helpful to have a sense of the roles that bridal party members have played through the years.
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A Sampling of Wedding Traditions from Different Faiths

From every religious perspective, the joining of a couple in matrimony is the celebration of a new and cherished stage in their lives -- one that focuses on both the joys and responsibilities of building a life together. However, there are many wedding customs particular to each religious tradition that have endured over generations and continue to be an important part of marriage celebrations throughout the world.
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Tips for a Toast to Remember

Being asked to be someone's best man or maid of honor is an honor to be cherished. Often the best friend of the groom or bride, the best man and maid of honor often want to reciprocate the honor of their role with a toast that illustrates just how much they care for the bride or groom.

But once the time comes to sit down and think about their toast, the best man or maid of honor are often in the dark. Giving a wedding toast, after all, is not an everyday event, and for many people it will be a one-time experience, if they're even asked at all.
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