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If your browser is configured to send mail, you may send a message to any of the below-listed Post and Courier staff members by clicking on their names, which are in blue letters.The Post and Courier offers its staff members the option of using email. Some prefer to be contacted via the telephone or regular mail. If someone you want to contact is not listed here, call The Post and Courier at 843-577-7111 during normal business hours and ask to speak with that person.

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Main number: 843-577-7111
  • Classifieds: 843-722-6500
  • Circulation Subscriber Service: 843-853-7678

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Evening Post Industries

Pierre Manigault Chairman of the Board
John P. Barnwell President and Chief Executive Officer
Edward M. Gilbreth, M.D. Vice Chairman
Daniel P. Herres Executive Vice President
Margaret Garrett Secretary
Rebecca Gilbreth Herres Assistant Secretary
Terrance F. Hurley Senior VP - TV & Other Media
Pamela J. Browning Senior VP - Newspapers
Paul M. Sharry Senior VP - Human Resources
Ronald C. Owens Vice President - Finance and Acquisitions
The Post and Courier
P.J. Browning Publisher
Ron Cartledge President of Shared Services
Charles R. Rowe Editorial Page Editor
Mitch Pugh Executive Editor
Alisha Owens Advertising Director
Becky Baulch Assistant to the Publisher

News Editors and Managers

Phone: (843) 577-7111 | Fax: (843) 937-5579 | Email:

Mitch Pugh Executive Editor
Rick Nelson Managing Editor
Betsy Miller Production Editor
Laura J. Gaton Digital Editor
Matthew Fortner Assistant Digital Editor - Visuals
Cleve O'Quinn Local Editor
Glenn Smith Projects Editor
John McDermott Business Editor
Teresa Taylor Life Editor
Malcolm DeWitt Sports Editor
Chad Dunbar Design Editor
Fred Rindge Night Production Editor

Editorial & Opinion Pages

Charles R. Rowe Editor
Frank Wooten Assistant Editor and Columnist
Elsa McDowell Associate Editor
Peggy McIntyre Letters to the Editor


Laura J. Gaton Digital Editor
Matthew Fortner Assistant Digital Editor - Visuals
Andy Paras Social Media Editor
Grace Beahm Visual Journalist
Leroy Burnell Visual Journalist
Chris Hanclosky Visual Journalist
David MacDougall Digital Producer
Brad Nettles Visual Journalist
Wade Spees Visual Journalist
Paul Zoeller Visual Journalist

News and Life

Rick Nelson Managing Editor
Cleve O'Quinn Local Editor
Glenn Smith Projects Editor
Teresa Taylor Life Editor
Matt Sartwell Night Local Editor
Joel Millman Local Team Leader
Angie Blackburn Assistant Life Editor
Allison Nugent-Caruso Arts/Entertainment and Homes Team Leader
Stephanie Harvin Health and Environment Team Leader
Christina Elmore Breaking news, including crime and courts
Andrew Knapp Breaking news, including crime and courts
Dave Munday Breaking news, including crime and courts
Amanda Kerr Charleston County schools; higher education
Prentiss Findlay North Charleston; Charleston County
Diane Knich City of Charleston, James Island, John's Island, West Ashley
Brenda Rindge Berkeley and Dorchester counties
David Slade Regional growth/development, transportation and personal finance
Brian Hicks Columnist
Doug Pardue Special Projects
Tony Bartelme Special Projects
Robert Behre South and Architecture
Jeremy Borden State government and politics
Schuyler Kropf Local and federal politics, military
Cynthia Roldan State government and politics
Hanna Raskin Food
Jennifer Berry Hawes East Cooper; Faith & Values
Adam Parker Arts & Culture; minority affairs
Bo Petersen Science and Technology
David Quick Health, fitness, outdoor recreation/sport
Lauren Sausser Health


John McDermott Business Editor
Laura Bradshaw Assistant Business Editor
Abigail Darlington Tourism and Retail
Warren Wise Boeing and Aviation


Malcolm Dewitt Sports Editor
Lisa Justus Assistant Sports Editor
Mike Mooneyham Assistant Sports Editor
Jeff Hartsell Local Team Leader
Gene Sapakoff Colleges Team Leader
Tommy Braswell Youth Sports and Outdoors
Aaron Brenner Clemson
David Caraviello South Carolina
Andrew Miller Minor Leagues


Betsy Miller Production Editor
Chad Dunbar Design Editor
Fred Rindge Night Editor
Linda Anderson Design
Tony Brown Night Copy
Cindy Cloutier Night Copy
Gill Guerry Design
Dave Hale Design
Beth Harrison Night Copy
Maureen Hartshorn Design
Krena Lanham Design
Brandon Lockett Design
Luke Reasoner Design
Chris Tabakian Design
Sandy Schopfer Design
Fred Smith Design


Alisha Owens Advertising Director (843) 937-5405
Donna Gamble Major Account Manager (843) 937-5448
Amy Gilbert Retail Advertising Manager (843) 937-5448
Jamie Drolet Business Development Manager (843) 937-5904
Mark Gallagher Key Account Advertising Manager (843) 937-5485
Michael Chauvin Classified Advertising Manager (843) 937-5444
Mark Mandel Classified Inside Sales and Service Manager (843) 937-5458
Ginger Harley Legal Announcements (843) 937-5504
Julie Ginn Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary Celebrations (843) 937-5775

Digital Advertising

Brad Boggs Senior Director of Interactive Sales Office: (843) 745-5883 Mobile: (843) 708-7330
Stacy Bruder Interactive Director Office: (843) 937-5520 Mobile: (843) 200-9585
Joyce Flower Interactive Media Coordinator Office: (843) 937-5447
Jayson Siler Interactive Ad Operations Office: (843) 937-5455
Matt Bell Interactive Sales Specialist Office: (843) 937-5612
Erin Delaney Interactive Sales Specialist Office: (843) 958-7357  
Seth Larsen Interactive Sales Specialist Office: (843) 937-5449
Claire Linney Interactive Deals Specialist Office: (843) 958-7362 Mobile: (843) 735-9653
Melissa Tecklenberg Interactive Sales Specialist Office: (843) 937-4805 Mobile: (843) 834-4288
Kim Cooper Interactive Support and Traffic Analyst Office: (843) 937-5425  

Audience Development

Steve Wagenlander Corporate Audience Development Director of Evening Post Publishing Industries
Ben Morgan Audience Development Operations Manager


Andy Morgan Sales and Marketing Manager
Leon Barrineau Administrative Manager


Mark Mulholland Marketing Director
Julie Nocida Senior Designer/Creative Specialist
Robie Scott Consumer Marketing and Communications Manager
Warren Peper Multimedia Producer
Christine Randall Marketing Coordinator
Wendy Roach Marketing Research Manager
Stephanie Shipe Event Marketing Manager