Offshore energy development would get a new, hard look if Hillary Clinton were elected president next year, she told an opponent of drilling and testing off the Southeast coast during a radio interview Wednesday.

“I am very skeptical about the need or desire for us to pursue offshore drilling off the coast of South Carolina, and frankly off the coast of other Southeast states,” said the Democratic candidate. The move carries real environmental risks and helps delay a move to renewable energy resources needed to handle the country’s climate and energy issues, she said.

Clinton, the former Secretary of State, spoke to Frank Knapp Jr., S.C. Small Business Chamber of Commerce president, for his “U Need 2 Know” show on WGCV-AM in Columbia.

The debate over exploration and drilling has roiled through the state for months. Opponents say any economic benefit wouldn’t be worth the risk. Supporters say it can be done safely.

The final decision whether to explore and drill might be delayed until after the 2016 election, leaving it up to the next president’s administration, Knapp said. “As far as I know, no (presidential) candidate has stated a position (with regard to South Carolina).”

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