Let's face it, this year that's ending was filled with shreds and patches of failures, and yet, many successes as well.

Oh, sure, we compromised our last shred of integrity and did things we said we'd never do.

And, we were exposed and nullified, but the worst has ended, the Red Sea has parted, and we can begin again. It's a New Year.

We personally just experienced a year of coping with my wife's only son's sudden, tragic death in the fall of 2013.

We experienced all the discouragement, anger, depression and denial that accompany it, but somehow we survived the threshold between the year coming to an end and the new one beginning. That old saying "Every silver lining must have a cloud" rang true. The whole matter became a howling tempest in our brains.

The fear of failure couldn't be presumptive or exclusive, could it? In our hearts, we knew that failures can teach us more than successes. We had to be better; we had to be different, didn't we?

Our worst indictment was this death. Our cross and crown of thorns, so to speak. Charm and politeness were counterfeit, but we had invested in the truth and decided to face up to it.

We couldn't let the weakness, loneliness and despair of the year just ending cloud what laid ahead in the new year: strength, companionship and hope.

Then, I watched my wife pray with a complete stranger right after her son's death with an incredible "Word of Knowledge" in the mist of the most hurtful and scarring time of her life. She displayed character, wisdom and discretion of the highest regard.

Maybe, hopefully, prayerfully, we can all approach the new year with this kind of investment and resolve.

We can choose to be significant instead of full of regrets!

Isn't this what the new year is all about?

Go for it.

Lee F. McVay is a creative essay writer at the Summerville Writer's Guild. He is semi-retired and lives in Ladson.