The Charleston Tibetan Society and Dharma Center will plant a peace pole in its garden in downtown Charleston on Saturday as a way to promote world peace.

A peace pole is a handcrafted monument that displays the prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth" on each of its four or six sides, often each in different languages.

Thousands of peace poles have been planted in 180 countries worldwide, from the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned to the bridge between Israel and Jordan. They serve as reminders to people of all faiths and backgrounds to pray for and work toward world peace.

"Our current world is facing a crisis in peace, harmony and moral education," says Geshe Dakpa Topgyal, a Tibetan monk who leads the Dharma Center. "The peace pole is basically to remember the peace, to educate on peace, to promote peace, to talk about peace, to learn about peace and to share the messages of peace."

The Peace Pole Project is part of a global effort along with the local nonprofit Charleston Peace One Day, founded and led by Reba Parker, an adjunct sociology professor at the College of Charleston. Parker invited the center to install its peace pole.

"People need to talk more about peace rather than war and division. This peace pole surely can or will bring some taste of peace to our community," Topgyal says.

It will be installed in a garden behind the Dharma Center, 12 Parkwood Ave., in downtown Charleston. A dedication ceremony and fellowship will be held from 3-5 p.m.

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