Democrat for governor Vincent Sheheen is continuing to target Gov. Nikki Haley on her handling of the state's Internet data hacking scandal with a new TV commercial that quotes a business owner about the breach.

The ad addresses the 3.6 million Social Security numbers stolen from the state Department of Revenue in 2012.

"She refuses to release the official report on what happened, and that's not being accountable," said businessman Dan Cox in the commercial.

This is the second ad Sheheen has run on the topic in recent weeks. An earlier commercial features a woman talking about the breach and not being immediately informed about it by the Haley administration.

That ad was recently criticized by an independent media fact-checker for its perceived failure to tell the whole story about the hacking., a non-partisan arm of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, said the ad "hides" a key detail - that law enforcement asked Haley not to make the incident public until an investigation could meet key benchmarks. Law enforcement has also refused to comment in detail since, saying the investigation is on-going.

Democrats say that law enforcement always err on the side of secrecy, and that in this case the governor should have instead chosen to keep the public informed.

The new Sheheen spot is titled "Responsibility" and is part of what the Sheheen campaign said is a "substantial six-figure statewide TV buy." It is Sheheen's third ad in the 2014 gubernatorial campaign.