Two C-17 cargo jets from Joint Base Charleston last weekend took part in more humanitarian air drops to ethnic minority groups threatened by Islamic extremists in Iraq.

At the request of the Iraqi government, the Charleston planes took part in the mission that also included two U.S. C-130s. The drop included 109 bundles of humanitarian aid to Amirli, Iraq, including the Shia Turkomen minority ethnic group.

The drop took place on Sunday but was disclosed Thursday.

"Along with aircraft from Australia, France and the United Kingdom, the air drops delivered approximately 10,500 gallons of fresh drinking water and approximately 7,000 meals ready to eat," Joint Base Charleston's media affairs office said.

It is believed that hundreds of ISIL terrorists advanced on Amirli, cutting off food, water and medical supplies to thousands of Shia Turkomen living there, the base said.

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