The shingle is hung at Tapio, Charleston's first bubble tea shop.

Tapio originally hoped to open on Church Street by the end of 2013, but lease problems sent them on a search for a new home. The new store is located at 65 Spring Street, a thoroughfare that's rapidly becoming the nexus of modern Asian cuisine in Charleston. In addition to being the site of Bon Banh Mi and Xiao Bao Biscuit, the street is also readying to welcome the first permanent location of Tokyo Crepes.

According to Tapio co-owner Terry Hung, "We will be making an official announcement next week."

The menu, already posted on Facebook, lists five milk teas (including the all-important coconut flavor); four fruit slushies and half a dozen fruit teas.

Although Hung was raised in Atlantic City, N.J., his extended family is still in Taiwan, where his aunt runs a bubble, or boba, tea shop. Hung last year told The Post and Courier his aunt's competitive advantage is correctly-cooked tapioca balls.

"The most important thing is how you cook the tapioca and how you brew the tea," said Hung, who a few years ago worked in his aunt's shop and plans to make drinks according to her recipes.

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