College students should be wary of, among other higher-education menaces, cutting classes, underage drinking and taking on too much student-loan debt.

And at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, scary creatures can be hazardous to student health.

As The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News reported, Coastal Carolina public safety officials sent this alarming email to students and staff last week: "Please do not attempt to interact with local wildlife on campus, including alligators that may stray on or near university property. Alligators are dangerous and should be avoided."

The email added: "Also, please be aware that with the many construction projects underway there is an increased likelihood of encountering snakes on campus. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to be cautious when walking around campus."

Of course, you shouldn't have to be a scholar to know to avoid alligators and exercise caution around snakes.

Nor should you have to major in poultry science or English literature to learn that a chanticleer is, as Coastal Carolina's sports website describes the school mascot, "a proud and fierce rooster who dominates the barnyard" in "The Nun's Priest Tale" from Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales."

The CCU Chanticleers did some dominating of their own on the football field last year, going 12-3 and reaching the quarterfinals of the FCS playoffs under head coach Joe Moglia, who as the former TD Ameritrade CEO is even richer than Steve Spurrier and Dabo Swinney. The Chanticleers opened this season Saturday night with an impressive 31-16 victory over The Citadel Bulldogs at Johnson Hagood Stadium.

And no, they're not playing the Florida Gators this season.

But the Chants are playing in Tallahassee on Sept. 20 against the Florida A&M Rattlers.