A man accused of pulling out a gun in Marion Square Sunday was arrested Wednesday after a tip to a reporter.

Police said a man with a tattooed left arm asked two people for money in Marion Square about 10 p.m. Sunday and then pulled out a gun and cursed them after they told him they didn't have any money. Police released a surveillance photo they said showed the man a few minutes before the incident.

The Post and Courier story listed the numbers for Crime Stoppers and dispatch to reach the on-call detective.

A man called the reporter to say he recognized the suspect as an inmate who was being held in the Berkeley County jail on an unrelated charge. The tipster said he called the reporter after he couldn't get through to Crime Stoppers or reach the on-call detective through the numbers listed with the story.

The reporter passed the tip on to police.

A detective contacted the victims, who identified the inmate as the one who tried to rob them, according to police spokesman Charles Francis.

Eric Trevor Friday, 38, of Quail Drive in Summerville was charged with pointing a firearm.

Goose Creek police arrested Friday on charges of petit larceny and resisting arrest after the incident in Marion Square.