Sue Mohle is the manager of Kiawah Wine and Spirits in Freshfields Village.

The morning is the most difficult on days that I work. I have time for a Greek yogurt or protein shake and coffee. I try to precook bacon the night before so it's ready for the morning to scramble with an organic egg. Yesterday, I had coffee, Chobani yogurt with honey, two pieces of bacon and one scrambled egg.

For lunch, I had half a whole-wheat wrap with ham, provolone, fresh tomato and avocado. And I sliced a peach. I drink lots of water. Lots. But yesterday was my day off, so I had a Westbrook Gose. Every Thursday, I have my lunch at my friend's house, so I had my wrap and beer while floating around the pool with several friends. My friend Stacy Walsh, she's the manager of Slightly North of Broad, she bakes homemade bread and she shares. This week was zucchini cheddar.

Twice a week at work, I bring my "natty basket" and fill it with Johns Island produce, everything from tomatoes to okra to onions to sweet potatoes to peas. I get creative and make dinner; I fancy myself a gourmet cook. Last night, I made bacon-wrapped local scallops with water chestnuts. I grilled them. Then I made Caesar salad. I have a wonderful homemade Caesar salad dressing recipe, and I made homemade black bread croutons, plus a quinoa salad with tomatoes and black olives.

I'm in the wine business and every night I have a couple of glasses of wine. Right now, my favorite is Miraval rose.

Every night, I allow myself one square of Vosges chocolate. It's a pink Himalayan crystal salt caramel bar. I keep it in my bedroom drawer, so it's the last thing I eat.