Sheriff's deputies charged a Charleston man with cruelty to animals after he poisoned his neighbor's dog with antifreeze, authorities say.

Thomas Walker, 29, of North Avalon Circle, was being held Tuesday at the Charleston County jail.

Deputies learned of the alleged poisoning Monday after the dog's death, according to an incident report.

The dog began vomiting on Sunday, prompting its owner, Walker's neighbor, to take the animal to a veterinarian.

The vet kept the dog overnight and euthanized the animal after its kidneys started to fail. Tests determined that the dog was likely poisoned with ethylene glycol, a substance found in antifreeze, the report said.

The dog's owner told investigators that Walker had complained in the past about the dog's barking. A search of the owner's backyard located traces of dead grass and an odor of antifreeze, deputies said.

When questioned by investigators, Walker first denied any knowledge of the poisoning.

Walker later confessed when informed that he was a suspect in the dog's death, the report said. He poured antifreeze over the fence to silence the dog's barking, he told investigators.

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