The four little dogs who keep Korean War veteran Julius Oliver company in his West Ashley apartment were jumping all over him as he tested out his new electric wheelchair Saturday afternoon.

The old one kept breaking down when he went across Magwood Road to MacDonald's to breakfast, a morning ritual for the 80-year-old.

"It kept leaving me stranded in the road," he said.

Volunteers connected with the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center lined up a new one through TroopTreats, a group in Virginia that helps veterans. It was delivered Saturday. His daughter, Jennifer Germany, was there for the occasion.

"It's his only mode of freedom," she said.

Oliver was an Army medic in the Korean War. He worked for 25 years in The Post and Courier's press room and another 20 years at Alumax. Then he worked for several more years assembling merchandise at Wal-Mart and Lowe's.

Oliver lost his right leg below the knee about six years ago. He said he could get an operation to fix his left knee so he could wear a prosthetic on his right leg, but he doesn't want to leave his dogs.

"They're my miniature caregivers," he said.

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