Dorchester District Two are using more mobile classrooms to accommodate its enrollment surge.

DD2 has gone up 722 students from last year to 25,124.

During the district's board meeting this week, Superintendent Joe Pye said despite the crowding DD2 is still "in really good shape." It has made do with hiring 15 more teachers even though Pye wanted 25 new hires.

"We've grown 363 students in the elementary grades," he said. "Middle schools have the slowest growth at 77, and the high schoolers had 282. Elementary is always the highest number."

Summerville High has the largest student population with 2,892 students. Gregg Middle is the most populated middle school with 1,135 students and Knightsville is the biggest elementary with 1,424 students.

Since becoming superintendent in 1999, Pye said the district has grown by 10,000 students.

"We have really grown," he said. "We're packed - 25,000 packed into 22 sites.

The district has 127 mobile units providing 186 classrooms. Four more additional classrooms are being added at William Reeves Elementary, which already had 12 mobile classrooms, and another four classrooms are being added at Dubose Middle, which already has 10.

Ashley Ridge and Summerville High Schools are getting their two mobile classrooms this year.

Oakbrook and Knightsville Elementary Schools have the most mobile classrooms with more than 20 at both.

Director of Business Services Allyson Duke said the three new elementary schools being built should alleviate student growth at Reeves, Knightsville and Beech Hill elementary schools. They are expected to open in 2015.

"Those three will go down because of that - thank goodness," she said. "What's been said is we have more kids at Knightsville housed in the mobile units than we do in the building. But then, it's a smaller school (building) than Oakbrook Elementary."