A pumpkin orange and baby blue scooter will leave the Edge of America early Sunday morning for an 8,000-mile trip across the country and back.

Omar Colon, the owner of Bert's Market on Folly Beach, and brother Greg Colon will mingle with well-wishers at the store on East Ashley Avenue at 6:30 a.m. and then take off at 7 a.m.

They're raising money and awareness for Surfers Healing, an organization that helps autistic children ride the waves. Bert's has provided food for the organization for years.

"It's a big part of the local community," Omar Colon said.

They're riding scooters to make it more of a challenge to draw more attention to the cause.

The vintage-style 2009 Stellas have 166 cubic centimeter engines and can cruise at 50 mph on level ground. They have four-speed manual transmissions that are shifted by twisting the handle grip. The carburetors will have to be adjusted for air flow when they hit mountains.

They plan to ride about 13 hours a day. The scooters have custom oversized seats for comfort.

"It's like riding in a Lazy Boy," Omar Colon said.

The scooters will pull small covered trailers with an extra wheel on the back. They can carry about 100 extra pounds each.

They will carry a GPS unit that tracks their position and sends an update of their progress to a website. People can track their progress in real time at breakingboundariestour.com. (The website was just showing a countdown Saturday; it will be functional when the trip starts). Donations can also be made at the website.

They plan to be back on Folly Beach Sept. 22.

Omar Colon, 35, bought Bert's Market from his father-in-law in 2010. His brother, 44, is a supervisor at a manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania.

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