Conservation pays

As a result of extraordinary efforts by governments, industry and conservation groups, some 12,500 acres have recently been saved from exploitation by development. This acreage is comprised of the Keystone tract (4,500 acres abutting the national forest on the west) and the Fairlawn tract (8,000 acres completely surrounded by the national forest).

This remarkable accomplishment stands in stark contrast to the Nebo tract also surrounded by the national forest which was illegally annexed by the town of Awendaw for the express purpose of developer exploitation.

It makes no sense to establish development boundaries around the perimeter of the national forest then create conditions that invite and enable urbanization within the heart of the forest itself.

There is a strong environmental ethic among a substantial portion of the community, but unfortunately their efforts have been consistently thwarted by development interests. The area cries out for responsible leadership.

The fragile, pristine environment of the national forest and Cape Romain depends on an enlightened government and citizenry for their very survival.

James O. McClellan III

Pinckney Street


Let us in

I have been told that an executive session will be called for Charleston County Council's Finance Committee meeting on Thursday to discuss the Charleston Regional Development Alliance.

The public and media are normally barred from executive meetings. The CRDA issue is being pushed rapidly for a reason.

Would it not be proper to put Council Chairman Teddie Pryor on the spot with a demand that an open meeting be called so everyone can hear his complaints through the various media reporting?

After 19 years of cooperation, is it in the best interest of all the citizens of Charleston County to have Pryor take action against an organization that brought 27,000 jobs to the tri-county region?

Our county government should schedule an open meeting for this important matter. Better yet, Pryor should hold an open forum.

Robert R. Nielsen Sr.

Bridgeport Drive

Mount Pleasant

Party Politics 101

I read the letter titled "GOP shifts blame" in the Aug. 3 paper, and I am constantly amazed at the lack of knowledge and understanding regarding actions by our two major political parties to many of our citizens.

The writer misunderstands the need for a party "out of power" to present a formidable foe to the working platform of the current president, and in this case, his group of lapdogs that call themselves Democratic senators and members of the House of Representatives.

I spent the first 30 years of my adult life as a member of the West Virginia Democratic Party and as such worked and participated in electing those West Virginians worthy, and I repeat, worthy of office.

My uncle was the Democratic chairman of our voting district and was among the first to not only verbally criticize, but actively work to remove those serving for purely personal gain out of office at the earliest opportunity.

My major disappointment with the Democrats serving in Washington today is their voting record and comments while being tied to the president's coattails.

How many Democratic senators and congressmen have voiced opposition to the proposals by President Obama that are leading us toward a socialistic society? How many voted for Obamacare not knowing what was in the bill?

As a consequence, many Americans nationwide have lost their desired health insurance programs. We were assured this would not happen, by not only the president, but his followers as well. Obviously, they also did not read the bill.

You call this governing? Thank heaven you have a Republican party that faces reality and, as they should, challenges the many proposals of our president who, to my knowledge, has not appointed an effective working member of his staff to work with the party out of power.

Do I agree with all of the Republican proposals and objections? No, but we as taxpayers should have no hesitancy in contacting our senators and congressman, regardless of our personal party affiliation, to state our opposition to or approval of some of their proposals.

F. Gordon Fuqua

Farm Springs Road


Wrong target

Re: The Post and Courier editorial titled "S.C. State needs to deliver." I take exception to the editorial staff quite simply agreeing with Gov. Nikki Haley.

Must I remind or perhaps inform you that no one died as a result of the budget woes at my alma mater S.C. State? Children have died and been left behind because of some of the policies of Gov. Haley.

The complaints about the Department of Social Services are well founded. Thousands of South Carolinians are also without health coverage in this state because Gov. Haley refuses to expand Medicaid.

Recently, it was reported that the University of South Carolina will receive over $90 million from the Southeastern Athletic Conference for sports, and you agree with Gov. Haley's political stunt to withhold funding to South Carolina State.

When have the legislators listened to the alumni when appointing members to the Board of Trustees at S.C. State? As alumni, some of us believe that legislators have appointed board members who do not have the best interest of S.C. State at heart.

At a forum held in Charleston recently, Rep. Wendell Gilliard stated that the other state-supported institutions have problems that are not being reported.

Where is the fairness? Are problems at USC, Clemson, Coastal Carolina and Francis Marion reported just as fairly?

Charles Allen

Wayfield Circle

North Charleston

Revisionist history

The College Board states in its AP U.S. History course materials that the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan raised questions about American values. What a joke. These have to be the poorest of American history students to write such tripe as this.

It seems our own citizens are out to rewrite our history without telling it like it really was.

What about the Imperial Japanese? What were their "values"? They were out to conquer, to maim and destroy. History has revealed that the Japanese leadership was going to push on with this unnecessary slaughter, costing hundreds of thousands of lives.

So the United States should have allowed a true evil empire to go on? Nonsense. This kind of lying to change the way our students are taught cannot be allowed to go on.

It seems that the College Board has taken Obama's place as an apologist for American history. Is this what our extremely costly education has taken us to?

Lewis Wade

Cottageville Highway


Unsavory sauce

In the Aug. 13 Post and Courier, a story concerning the problems with the Gulf of Mexico oyster industry since the BP oil spill was reported.

So what is being proposed by our elected officials? Let's drill for oil off the S.C. coast.

Maybe we need to mix a little "30-weight" with the shrimp and oysters being harvested in S.C. waters.

Think about that this summer as you're enjoying some steamed shrimp or in the fall as you attend an oyster roast.

Dan Kortvelesy

Kings Pine Drive

Johns Island

Lover of animals

Recently J.C. Commeville, founder of GBSI Animal Refuge, a no-kill shelter in Cottageville, died. He and his wife, Faye, devoted their time, finances and hearts to saving the lives of over a thousand dogs. J.C. committed himself totally to his life's work of caring for abandoned dogs.

He truly made a difference in the most positive way. It is not possible to fill the void he leaves.

Muriel Bellow

Roger Bellow

Harrison Road