Unconcealed bias

A letter in the Aug. 11 paper noted that community leaders are still asking questions about the shooting death of Denzel Curnell during an encounter with police. The writer goes on to say that he "and others in the public domain" are interested in "what the teenage victim was doing with a concealed weapon on his person."

Wait a minute. I was under the impression that the push was on in South Carolina to allow folks to carry concealed weapons just about anywhere they please.

Are we now supposed to regard all these gun toters with suspicion, or only if they're young, black and wearing a hoodie?

David Corvette

Ashley Avenue


Selfish slaughter

I was incensed when I read John Burbage's commentary about the mass slaughter of cormorants on Lakes Marion and Moultrie.

As a resident of West Ashley, I am not clued in on the nuances of this controversy, but it seems another version of man imposing himself on nature.

Cormorants, as unpleasant as they may seem to local residents, come to our lakes because they provide the perfect environment for them.

Yet man does not like to be inconvenienced or cheated out of what he considers his rightful domain.

Our legislators' response to disgruntled fishermen was to allow hunting permits without bag limits on a federally protected species.

How this was approved is beyond comprehension. I urge the S.C. Wildlife Federation and our legislators to close the loopholes and disallow a repeat of last winter's assault.

Mankind's disruption of the environment and the food chain is typically ill-advised and self-defeating.

It becomes ridiculous when done in the name of sport fishing.

Kris Holder

Carterett Avenue


Raise the gas tax

Roads and bridges have become a huge issue in South Carolina, despite state gasoline taxes being designed to fund continuously their repair, construction and maintenance.

Our taxes save about 35 cents per gallon for our grateful neighbors, eager to take advantage of our revenues going out of state, unless used as intended. It would have been the most equitable way to pay for the use of our bridges and roads.

Our governor and Legislature follow the Gospel la Sanford where any increase in tax is a sin. This includes prior legislation where a law was created to respond to a specific purpose, in this case roads and bridges, including automatic adjustment from inflationary increases, which are realistic.

Class sizes in K-12 were to be increased to save money, thereby reducing the number of teachers, reducing the need for funds to rebuild schools and creating schools where students may have daily bus trips of up to four hours a day.

Reduce DSS expenditures and whittle away by legislation some of the educational funds derived from gambling.

Promote casino boats for extra revenue and underfund poor school districts.

Our tobacco taxes took 18 years to increase, still not reaching national levels, which encouraged criminals to smuggle cheap cigarettes north.

Are there deep thinkers anywhere in Columbia?

Auvo Kemppinen

Lake Moultrie Drive


A costly call

The 11th-hour decision by certain members of the Charleston County School Board to vote for a new $35 million Lincoln High School for, at best count, 170 kids, is an unmitigated folly of epic portions.

Using fourth-grade math with second-grade logic should make it clear to anyone that this is a total misappropriation of public funds.

When questioning the failures of the South Carolina education system, we should start with the failures of our local elected leaders.

Joseph Wren

Carolina Isle

Mount Pleasant