MYRTLE BEACH - Elizabeth Scarborough of Charleston has had a far more interesting job than most other rising college seniors.

For the past two months, she's been Taylor Swift.

Not all the time, of course, but for nine shows a week - each of which involved 13 intense minutes on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Since June 16, Scarborough and her guitar have kicked off this summer's Legends In Concert series here at Broadway at the Beach.

The two-hour show also features tribute artists impersonating Madonna, the Blues Brothers, Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith fame), Michael Jackson and, of course, Elvis.

Scarborough did not have much of an issue with stage fright, partly because she has been impersonating Swift for several years, beginning when she was an Ashley Hall high school student and played at girls' birthday parties.

"It's a lifelong personality thing - I've always enjoyed being in the spotlight," she said. "I was nervous the first few shows, but now I'm able to concentrate on other things."

A rising senior at the University of South Carolina, Scarborough is majoring in public relations and minoring in Spanish.

Last summer, her Facebook videos impersonating Swift came to the attention of Jason Aiesi, general manager of Legends in Concert here.

"I was just like, 'Wow! We've got to have her,' " he said. "It was fortuitous she was from Charleston."

Scarborough spent her week-long spring break auditioning, developing a set list and working on suitable costumes.

After that, the company - which has about 75 to 125 tribute artists working worldwide at any given time -offered her a two-month contract to perform as its first Taylor Swift impersonator. She will do her final show of the season Saturday night.

Some may feel Scarborough looks more like Scarlett Johansson than Swift, and Scarborough admits other women resemble Swift more than she does. But Aiesi said Scarborough has the necessary trifecta of physical resemblance, musical ability and stage presence.

Like Swift, Scarborough is about 5 feet, 10 inches tall and has the same long blond locks and fair complexion.

Unlike Swift, Scarborough has no burning passion to write her own songs or try to strike out on her own in Nashville.

"The music business is very wishy-washy," she said. "You'll be in one moment and out the next."

Besides, Scarborough said she sees plenty of challenge in improving upon her tribute act, which includes "You Belong With Me," "Love Story," "Trouble Trouble Trouble," "Back to December," and "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Scarborough generally gives herself good marks for mimicking Swift's body language, facial expression and eye and hand movements but said she still can improve her vocal skills and crowd presentation.

"I'm also designing more costumes right now," she said. "As Taylor Swift evolves, I will evolve with her."

Aiesi said Scarborough has done a remarkable job this summer, especially considering that she had never performed on stage with a live band.

"She's actually a natural," he said. "She's developed into one of our favorite acts this summer."

Scarborough's current plans include finishing her degree in the coming year and then hopefully landing another stint as Swift, perhaps in one of Legends' other full-time venues in Branson, Mo., Las Vegas or Waikiki, Hawaii, or maybe aboard a cruise ship.

"There's a whole tribute world out there that I knew nothing of," she said. "People can make a living out of doing this."

And if she keeps it up, she may even meet Swift one day.

"I've been to her concerts, but it's not like me to seek her out," Scarborough said. "If we do meet one day, that would be fantastic."

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