A temporary restriction on outdoor watering is in place for Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms because of repair work on a Charleston Water System line that serves the islands.

Until the fix is complete, IOP Water and Sewer Commission is supplying water for Sullivan's and IOP through its reverse osmosis operation and wells.

"We have enough water to supply both islands, but to be on the safe side, we're asking residents to be mindful of how much water they're using until Charleston Water System completes its repairs," said Kristen Champagne, IOP Water and Sewer Commission general manager.

Both islands have issued temporary restrictions on outdoor watering and turned off dedicated irrigation meters to ensure there is enough water to meet summertime demands and provide fire protection. Residents are also encouraged to voluntarily conserve water use indoors.

"This is a temporary situation, and our water supply should be back to normal as soon as Charleston Water System completes the repair," said Andy Benke, Sullivan's town administrator.

The IOP water is safe to drink and meets public health requirements, though it may taste and feel different due to a change in the source of the water, officials said.

The CWS main break was discovered Wednesday night and is located in Charleston Harbor in about 15 feet of water near Fort Johnson, said Greg Gress, director of the Sullivan's water system.

Gress said a dive team inspected the break on Thursday. How long it will take before it is repaired is not known, he said.

He was notified of the problem about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

CWS spokesman Jenny Kraft said the situation has also created reduced water pressure to Fort Sumter.

CWS provides drinking water to Sullivan's and supplements the Isle of Palms' supply through a 20-inch water main that crosses Charleston Harbor from James Island to Sullivan's Island.