COLUMBIA - House Speaker Bobby Harrell has asked state representatives to potentially return to Columbia for one day to reconsider two bills vetoed by Gov. Nikki Haley.

Harrell, R-Charleston, has asked members through an email from House Clerk Charles Reid to prepare to come back to Columbia on Aug. 27 at 2 p.m.

Greg Foster, Harrell's spokesman, said the speaker plans to get feedback from members during the Republican caucus retreat in Myrtle Beach this weekend.

If all members attended, mileage and subsistence costs would total roughly $34,000 in costs to the state, Reid said.

"(Harrell) goes where the body guides him," Foster said. "It's not a foregone conclusion, that's why we always ask."

After the House adjourned on June 17, the S.C. Senate overrode Haley's vetoes on a bill that would have allowed library staff to remove unruly patrons and a bill that would have allowed for a potential tax hike in a Murrell's Inlet fire district.

Two-thirds of both chambers must override a veto from the governor for the measure to pass. If the S.C. House does not act, the governor's veto would stand.

Rep. Jim Merrill, R-Charleston, said he was surprised that the body could be called back in for two such seemingly small measures. "It's a little different to come back for such a small amount of legislation," he said.

The first bill, S. 813, provides for criminal penalties for unruly library patrons and also allows librarians statewide more latitude to have them charged with criminal penalties.

"I am vetoing this bill because it grants library employees wide authority to deprive citizens of their ability to use ... public libraries for an indefinite amount of time based on mere allegations of misconduct," Haley wrote in a letter to the Senate explaining her veto.

The second, S. 293, raises the property tax cap on Murrell's Inlet-Garden City Fire District. Haley said in a separate letter that raising such caps almost inevitably means higher taxes and she could not support the bill.

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