Charleston will soon have a publication aimed directly at the Holy City's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population.

Profound River Productions LTD will launch BEAU in December, calling it Charleston's first LGBT magazine.

The free quarterly publication will be advertisement-based and is backed by a team of local professionals, according to a statement from Profound River Productions.

"BEAU Magazine intends to fashionably liberate, entertain and inform readers with editorial focus on Charleston's flourishing LGBT community," the company said. "This full-color, upmarket magazine features empowering stories that will captivate and engage the reader, ultimately connecting and strengthening the reader's perception of Charleston's LGBT community in a positive perspective."

It will also be available online in full color.

"Along with LGBT representation, BEAU Magazine also provides a venue for local and

national businesses to market their products and services to this demographic that has proven to represent tremendous and lucrative commercial impact," said Maria Rivers, CEO of Profound River Productions and publisher of the magazine.

Rivers is in the process of collecting data on the size of the gay and lesbian community in the Charleston area, but she believes it is already sizable and will continue to grow as the population increases.

In a Gallup survey in 2013, 2.9 percent of South Carolinians identified themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. The percentage in Charleston is believed to be much higher, Rivers said. By contrast, the number of people in Washington, D.C., who identify themselves as LGBT is 10 percent.

The Charleston entrepreneur expects the publication to serve as a sounding board for the LGBT community to share ideas, stories and connect with supporters and allies in the Charleston area.

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