Sad contrast

So we have two shootings a little more than a month apart, both involving young African American males. One shooting involves an off-duty officer with the Charleston City Police Department and the other is gang related.

I've read multiple articles in The Post and Courier about Denzell Curnell and the circumstances that led to his eventual suicide. Each article refers to the NAACP and how its officials feel he was racially profiled.

The other shooting at Northwoods Mall involved three young African American males, two of them teenagers, and I have not been able to find anything on the NAACP commenting on this shooting.

Why doesn't the NAACP get more involved with the African American community to help deter young African American males from turning to a life of crime? The suspects in this shooting are 15- and 16-year-old boys who had already been arrested for criminal activity.

I was happy to see in the July 30 Post and Courier that the Tri-county National Action Network and residents of these communities are starting to speak out against this violence and crime.

I read that several Charleston leaders as well as law enforcement were present for a news conference to take a stand against violence.

I commend the Tri-county National Action Network for its efforts to try to make our community as a whole more safe.

I challenge the Charleston NAACP and its president, Dot Scott, to do the same.

Edward R. Navarrete

Bruce Street


No kidding

Re Cynthia Roldan's Aug. 4 article titled "Experts say Republicans will lead in S.C. election."

It certainly doesn't take an expert to forecast a Republican lead in South Carolina. And every year is pretty much the year of the Republican.

When did this state last have a year of the Democrat - or any other party?

It's one thing to report on what's happening with candidates in the upcoming elections. But to act as though a Republican outcome is a surprise is ludicrous.

One would like to expect a more balanced news story from a newspaper.

Caroline Nordquist

Fiddler's Lake Court

Mount Pleasant

Who knew?

The children entering over our southwest border should know that their misery is not President Obama's fault.

The problem is that there have not been enough articles published about their plight.

The president and his press secretary constantly remind us little people that he finds out about these thing just as we do - in the newspapers. If the news media did a better job, the White House would not be in this situation.

It's not all the fault of reporters, though. It is also the fault of the children themselves. If just three of them had carried golf clubs across the border he would have found the time to play a round of golf with them.

If had they had just completed a Freedom of Information request two years ago stating that they wanted the "It is Bush's Fault" signs delivered to the border, they might have had a 50/50 chance of having them (assuming no computer meltdowns) after a thorough review from at least three departments

Then he could have dropped by with his podium, have the children line up behind him and promise things he knows are lies that he will never deliver.

His press secretary says again and again that some of the children are dying while making the trip to our border. It must be the children's problems because these can't be the ones Obama talked about in Chicago when he said that one more dead child is one too many.

Talk is easy. Actually solving a problem just isn't his style.

However, to be fair, the kids do get a chance to understand how our system of government works and how to solve these problems Obama style - "I have a pen and a phone, and I know how to use them."

But if things don't work out, it's still the Republicans' fault.

Those children must be at peace knowing that they are already being treated like other Americans.

He did not send anyone to help the people in Benghazi either, but then as now he has the time to attend fundraisers even as people are dying.

Robert Marriott

Folly Road

Folly Beach

Climate 'hoax'

Changing the name of "man-made global warming" to "climate change" was a stroke of genius by the people running this scam. Who can deny there is climate change?

The climate has been changing since the Earth cooled. Huge changes occurred for untold millions of years before man appeared on the Earth and will continue to occur for millions or billions of years after we are gone.

A May 10 editorial says that experts have concluded that "the massive rise in man-made carbon emissions over the last century has significantly contributed to global warming."

That is a massive hoax. Our atmosphere is a mixture of many gases.

Nitrogen accounts for 78 percent, oxygen 20 percent, water 1 percent and argon almost .9 percent. A dozen or so trace gases such as carbon dioxin (.039 percent) and methane round out the remainder. Carbon dioxin is so minuscule it is measured in parts per million (390 ppm).

Imagine you are in Johnson Hagood Stadium. The field is covered with a million empty paint cans.

Now begin filling the cans with the atmosphere's gases according to their percent. In the corner of the end zone 390 cans contain CO2. Of that total, 9 percent is man-made. So, of the 390 cans, 35 can be identified "anthropogenic" carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is such a tiny fraction of the atmosphere that it plays almost no role in the world's climate.

Water, which covers over 70 percent of the globe, causes about 94 percent of the Earth's greenhouse effect.

I spent nearly a half century as a weather forecaster studying the atmosphere and predicting changing weather patterns. In predicting the morning low temperature I considered the greenhouse effect: If the night was clear and dry the morning temperature would be colder; if the night was cloudy and damp the temperature would be warmer. No consideration of CO2.

To suggest there is any way to prove mankind is responsible for the relatively minor temperature changes observed over the extremely short period of time for which we have data is beyond foolishness at best and more likely outright deception for purposes of accessing large amounts of government money.

Howard Graham

Billowing Sails Street


Forced out

It was a delight to see that the $3.5 million land purchase, and proposed $75 million in fundraising will place an African-American museum directly across the street from the "former" Ansonborough Superfund site - that was once subsidized housing for African-American families.

It's especially interesting since officials told families they would reopen the 162-unit housing project, once it was cleaned up.

Hopefully, the $78.5 million museum will heal any long-term emotional and health effects caused by the pollution and movement of families. I'm sure the families are much better off with the schools and opportunities in the Neck and North Charleston.

Former reporter Herb Frazier would be so proud of The Post and Courier's coverage.

Erich Hellstrom

Line Street


Democratic slide

There is no better example of how much Democratic presidents have deteriorated in more than half a century than these two simple phrases.

Harry Truman stated back in the 1940s, "The buck stops here." Barack Obama continues to exclaim in the 21st century, "Don't blame me."

He has become the worst president in history with scandals too numerous to mention.

Demetrius Pace

Bryjo Place