U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford is heading to China on Wednesday as part of a federal fact-finding delegation to look at that nation's growing focus on infrastructure.

Of particular interest will be Shanghai's port operation and airport, he said.

Sanford, R-S.C., said the visit was organized and funded by the House Transportation Committee. Sanford is a member of the body.

About eight members of the committee are going, including S.C. Rep. Tom Rice of Myrtle Beach, he said.

The Chinese are putting a lot of money into infrastructure spending, said Sanford, who also pointed to the country's bullet train and road development emphasis.

And unlike U.S. concerns, Chinese projects are less restrictive in terms of land use or claims for public projects.

"They have a completely different system," he said.

The trip will run Wednesday through Thursday.

While other members are taking their spouses, Sanford said he is taking along his son, Bolton.

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