Berkeley County voters will decide if they want to renew the county's one-cent sales transportation tax this November.

County Council gave a final nod to the referendum during a special meeting Monday.

The current roads tax will expire in 2015.

Renewal of the penny sales-tax referendum will appear on the Nov. 4 general election ballot. County Council has hinged removal of its transportation impact fees on passage of the referendum.

No council members voted against the measure. Steve Davis was absent.

Earlier this year, Berkeley County's legislative delegation successfully helped push for a new state law to allow an early extension of the seven-year penny sales tax.

Under old law, the county could not seek renewal until after the tax expired in 2015, potentially losing millions in revenues while it waited for voter approval. But now, the county does not have to wait for the tax to lapse before asking voters to renew it.

The county needed to add the referendum to the ballot before noon Friday to make the November ballot.

The money will be used for a number of road capacity, resurfacing and intersection improvements.